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Friday, August 11, 2006

Derma Wand

I was sceptical when I purchased the Dermawand, but having ultra sensitive skin, I am always keen to try non-chemical anti-aging/skin improving products. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Dermawand. It left my skin feeling very clean, soft and firm, but not at all dry. When I'm having a particularly bad skin day due to allergies/breakouts, I use the Dermawand on the lowest setting all over my face before I go to bed after completely cleansing my skin. When I wake up the next morning, by skin looks much brighter and fresher. It also effectively helps to eliminate spots quicker if you concentrate the beam on the offending area on a slightly higher setting.
Sally S.

Derma Wand for Cystic Acne

I bought my Derma wand from Even though it's a bit expensive it's a really good investment. i have hormonal cystic acne, oily sensitive skin. when i start to have cystic acne, when it starts to hurt underneath but hasn't come to the surface yet, i use the dermawand 2-3x/day & do this for about 2 days or so, the acne doesn't come to surface, but if the acne is already surfaced, then it's too late. it works best to catch it early. basically, this works! but it does take some dedication, the best results are from using it more than once a day on acne. i also use it for puffy eyes on the lowest setting & do notice decreased puffiness. the infomercial states you can use it on thinning hair, i have yet to try that. haven't noticed much for lessening my pores althought the booklet says it should help w/ that too. the tool has a 1-9 setting that is pretty handy too. i will definately rebuy, but hopefully this won't break or shortcircuit or anything like that. the booklet also mentions not to use glycolics or any other thing harsh on the skin, but i don't think my skin will be as good if i just use this by itself.

Derma Wand

I've had this for a while now (almost a year) and I've hesitated about writing a review for it since I wasn't sure it was really doing anything. Anyway, long story short, my skin has been looking "eh" lately. Not bad, it just looks tired (probably due to the winter weather) and that glow that everyone obsessed with skincare is constantly trying to achieve wasn't there. Anyway, I tried switching my products around a bit (upping my glycolics and microdermabrasion) and that didn't really help either. I tried switching my foundations around (going from MMU to liquids). Nope not that either. So today, I just applied my regular serum (the one I always use), then for the heck of it, I used the Dermawand for about 3 minutes. Applied my normal moisturizer, applied my normal makeup. Guess what? My skin glows! It doesn't look tired anymore. It looks the way I want it. Since I've done this routine (minus the Derma wand) without any change to my skin, I can only conclude that the Dermawand is responsible. Anyway, I thought it wasn't doing something but maybe there is something to the Dermawand after all!
P.S This can be a bit drying if used everyday so be sure to moisturize. Also I try not to use both a glycolic and the Dermawand at the same time because then it's really drying!

Dermawand for Dull Skin and Spots

I had a beautician who used to zap my spots with an oxygen thing then I saw this advertised on the Shopping Channel and I wanted one so badly … until I saw the price. I’d bought an at-home electrolysis machine before that was a waste of money so I was nervous but this proved all my fears wrong. It’s the at-home version of the beautician’s tool and it works! It seems expensive but compared to all the expensive creams and lotions that do nothing, it’s a bargain. I’ve had mine for a few years and it shows no signs of wear and tear. It’s great for pepping up my skin when my skin is looking dull and lifeless and is fantastic for spots. I smooth it over my face generally and hold it away from skin over spots and it kind of “zaps” them. I travel a lot and my skin often breaks out when I’m on the road but it’s small and compact so I always take it with me. It’s really easy to use and is particularly effective when I smooth some Darphin Niaouli oil over my skin first. If it ever broke I’d buy one again without hesitating for a moment. OMG … I’m starting to sound like the Shopping Channel!. The internet site for the new Derma Wand is

Derma Wand

I'm not sure if this is any help but here is a link about the history of the Derma Wand. I have only been using it for a about 5 days. So far I have seen a decrease in my pore size and a reduction in my laugh lines. My skin is smoother and more glowing.I bought it mainly because my grandaughter was having a problem with blackheads and blemishes on her forehead. For three months we've tried everything with hardly any success. In 5 days her blemishes and blackheads are almost gone. We are thrilled and amazed!


One evening I was flicking through the innumerable channels on the TV. Kids fast asleep, hubby in bed and Mum left alone with sole control of the remote!Whilst changing the channels between some equipment to flatten my tummy and give me a six pack (in just a few minutes a day!) and a food slicer that could slice a tomato paper thin (and your fingers if you weren't vigilant).. I stumbled across Ideal Worlds 'Pick of the Day'.The Dermawand.If your familiar with this channel you'll know that for a 24hr period from 9pm each day they offer their best sellers at a reduced price.The dermawand was £65.00 + P&P on THANE.The presenter (salesperson) spent an hour showing how to use the unit and the potential effects on your skin. There were loads of before and after shots of users who appeared to have benefited from the use of the wand.At 1.00am I was feeling a little worse for wear and not at my most glamorous. I think I may even have been wearing my ‘rose tinted’ specs!. So despite my usual restraint (6 sec abs, still in it’s box!!) I thought I’d push the boat out and treat myself.Well as with any new gadget the anticipation to use it was unbearable. I waited yet again for that time of night when I would be on my own, no kids and no Hubby to partake of the Michael.The Derma wand is accompanied by an instruction video, a faux leather case for storage and an instruction brochure. The video was lost on me, as my kids have killed every VCR we’ve every had in the house, so I quickly scanned the brochure and was ready to begin.There is a control knob on the unit and you are advised to start low and gradually increase the strength according to comfort levels. I set the control to four, anxious to increase the results but not ready to electrocute myself.I plugged in the wand and the tip started to crackle and glow a kind of orangey colour, I rubbed the nib on the back of my hand, it tingled and crackled and I started to smell ozone. That crisp, fresh smell you get in the air just after a rain storm.The brochure describes the derma wand as a ‘complexion maintenance system that incorporates the best skin technology used by professionals’ .(and they‘re letting me use it!!). It encourages much needed circulation through natural stimulation and oxygenation producing beautiful vibrant looking skin.It sends enriched oxygen to the skin area naturally purifying it and smoothing away lines, blemishes and wrinkles. It helps to lift, firm and tone the skin producing a more youthful complexion.COOL!On to the task in hand, I placed the nib around the corners of my eyes for a few seconds each, with an intermittent stare at the mirror to make sure it wasn’t working too well and I wasn’t achieving that ‘rabbit in the headlights’ look that I associate with an overdone facelift.When I was using the wand I can only describe the feeling as tiny little electric shocks which are not painful but uncomfortable if the setting is too high. After the recommended 7-10 mins I unplugged the derma wand, put it safely away in it’s case and hid it in the back of ‘MUM’s’ cupboard.I actually, used the derma wand religiously for about a fortnight, and although I’m not sure if I did look five years younger the overall condition of my skin was much better. I am prone to the odd zit now and again. Which is when the derma wand comes out now, a few days of intense blasting from it on the offending blemish is very effective. At my peak of dermawanding I did have it up to an 8 setting which was bearable.Unfortunately, I have never been a Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise kind of chick, so there was never a ‘regime’ to add the derma wand to. But for the short time I did use it (as is recommended) I did feel my skin was fresher and more blemish free than usual. Possibly even a few less crows feet! give it a whirl.And if you only using when you have a breakout as I do now, it is definitely more effective than any of the blemish creams I’ve used (you name them, and I’ve used them.)
Recommend yes
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